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Look Who's Coming to the Party!


Extra Special Guest


Special Guests


Our event isn't like most conventions where they try and fill the venue with as many celebrities as possible to sign autographs. SCREAM COMES HOME is about the location! That said, we do have a handful of very special guests that are coming to the event to share firsthand accounts about filming in Stu's House... because they were right there when the magic happened! 

Joleen Nordstrom

Attending the Friday Night VIP Experience & Saturday


Joleen was Courteney Cox's stand-in during filming, and she is attending the event to share on-set stories and be a part of the fun on Friday and Saturday!

In Joleen's own words:

"I was Courteney's stand-in, double, stunt double,  etc.  Scream was a very special part of my life and was such an amazing movie to work on.  Very special memories of that time.  Literally watched Courteney and David fall in love, etc.  I almost wrecked the van!"

Also, Joleen will be bringing her super-rare T-Shirt from the movie... and it's NOT what you think it is!!

Joleen and Courteney!

Roger Jackson

We are honored to have Roger Jackson - the voice of Ghost Face® in all four SCREAM movies - joining us at the event!* We can't wait to hear his stories about working with the actors over the phone while making the movies. Roger will be autographing items and will be doing a Q&A with the audience before the movie screening.

(*Please note that, per standard appearance practices, appearance is subject to professional availability and can change at any time.)


Kurtis Bedford

Attending the Friday Night VIP Experience & Saturday


SCREAM was Kurtis Bedford’s first major audition! He is very fond of the week-plus he worked on the movie, most of it at Stu’s house. While working on the film, Kurtis got many of his college friends work as extras, including his now wife. He considers the movie a "time capsule." He has fun stories about filming the party scene, what it was like working with all the actors and Wes, he has creepy stories about the house itself, and on top of that he's just the most fun person to talk to! He will be doing a Q&A during the day on Saturday, and of course will be joining in on the fun!


Kurtis has since gone on to work on more than 40 commercials and numerous TV and film roles including three seasons on HBO's Getting On.

Come on, his one line of dialogue is classic in SCREAM: "How can you watch this shit over and over?!"

Theresa Donahoe

Attending the Friday Night VIP Experience ONLY


Theresa was Neve Campbell's stand-in during SCREAM as well as Party of Five.  She spent a month filming at the house, and she drove an hour and fifteen minutes each way to and from her home to Stu's house to work 12-hour days. Theresa says she has "lots of memories in that house" and she even sent us some call sheets that she's been saving all these years.  Also, she found an absolutely incredible never-before-seen SCREAM item which we will be revealing at the event.

Theresa is currently working in theater and developing her second one-woman show titled “Born Again in Berkeley” at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley.

Neve and Theresa!

Resha Thornton

Attending the Friday Night VIP Experience ONLY


Although Resha was in the party scene and sits directly next to Jamie Kennedy, she wore many hats on the film. She visited most of the locations while filming and took some cool photos, and she's bringing them with her to the event... these are never-before-seen photos from the set of SCREAM, including pics from the wrap party!

Resha will also be bringing the baseball-style hat that the crew wore, and it's the coolest thing ever! We know you're going to love it when you see it.

We are so happy Resha is joining us to share her memories about making of the most influential horror movies of all time!

Resha on the couch

next to Jamie Kennedy!