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November 16, 2018

SCREAM COMES HOME is officially over! The website will no longer be updated and the gift shop is now closed. We are sad to say goodbye, but we have immense appreciation for the hundreds of people who came to party at Stu's house! Below are just a handful of photos from the event. We were going to post a huge photo gallery but at the end of the day we figured it was best to stand behind the old phrase, "You just had to be there!"  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!! And now it's time to go.... over and OUT!

November 9, 2018

Two updates! The first is the group photo poster... if you placed an order for the group photo poster in the gift shop and haven't received it yet, that's because they will be in stock this weekend (we were waiting for the printer to complete the printing order). All posters will ship next week so keep any eye out for it! The second update is about the availability of the souvenirs in the gift shop. They will ONLY be available for purchase until November 15th. After that, we are officially closing out SCREAM COMES HOME!! As a reminder, there is free shipping on all orders over $100. Visit the Gift Shop here to pick up some SCREAM fun.

November 4, 2018

Our souvenirs are selling fast! We are already sold out of the Limited Edition Collectible Masks, and we are close to selling out of the poster designed by Matt Ryan Tobin, as well as the Woodsboro Tribune Newspaper and Group Photo. Visit the Gift Shop today, and remember, there is FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100.00!

November 1, 2018

Our post-event Gift Shop is now open, with FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100.00! Now is the chance to scoop up some super-fun SCREAM items before they vanish for good!

October 29, 2018

Yep, "it was fuuuuun"!! WOW, what a weekend!! Thank you for coming out to party with us at SCREAM COMES HOME!! We've heard nothing but positive comments from attendees, and seeing the happy faces all day long from everyone partying in the house was blissful. We will be expanding the gift shop shortly to sell off the excess souvenirs we had made for the event, and to also sell the below photo (without watermark) in a large 8.5" x 14" size for those who want to frame this moment of SCREAM love!!

October 25, 2018

SCREAM COMES HOME is one day away!! The website will be quiet from now until after the event, at which time we'll announce some exclusive SCREAM swag in our Gift Shop so that you can keep the SCREAM fun going. Time to party at Stu's!!!

October 24, 2018

Santa Rosa-based Hot 101.7 radio host, Eloy Camacho, had us on to talk about SCREAM COMES HOME! Click here to listen to creators Nate and Anthony discuss why they love SCREAM so much, and how the event came together. Thank you for having us on, Eloy!

October 23, 2018

We are almost sold out! Please note that all online ticket sales will end on Wednesday, October 24th at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST. You will not be able to purchase any tickets online after that time, however, you will be able to purchase tickets at the door on Saturday, October 27th starting at 2:00pm for $200.00 (includes access to grounds, Stu's house and movie screening.)

October 22, 2018

Our Saturday schedule has been announced! Also, check out the new autographed items in our Gift Shop (we only have a handful of each... thank you, Ms. Barrymore!).

October 19, 2018

SCREAM COMES HOME in exactly one week!! If you're coming to the VIP party, you'll party in the house in a smaller group, get an AMAZING Swag Bag, and be a part of a super-cool SCREAM surprise! If you're arriving on Saturday, the fun begins with the Woodsboro Bus Tour (if you supported our Kickstarter campaign), with the rest of the day revolving around things meant to celebrate Wes Craven's iconic movie that single-handedly revitalized the horror genre! Read our FAQ page for details about the event, and if you still have any questions, contact us!

October 16, 2018

Good news for you ICE NINE KILLS fans... Spencer is bringing his buddy, Randy Strohmeyer - from the band FINCH - to perform with him during his set in the garage!

October 15, 2018

We are 11 days out!! The address to Stu's house has now been added to our FAQ page, so please make sure you have that info if you are driving up to the house!

October 11, 2018

The pick-up location has now been confirmed for the Woodsboro Bus Tour! There is a parking lot in front of a Taco Bell where the buses will be stationed, and it's located right next to one of our recommended hotels. If you are going on the tour, we highly recommend that you make your hotel reservations at the Good Nite Inn to keep things simple (see the hotel info here). Also, please read our FAQ page to answer all of your questions about the event!

October 10, 2018

We are a few weeks away from the biggest and most amazing SCREAM party to ever happen and we are so excited!! A few reminders: book your photo ops, reserve your poster, and if you want to stay an extra few hours after the movie screening, book your "Stay Later and Party at Stu's" add-on here (scroll down to the Add-Ons section)! And don't forget your raffle tickets!!

October 7, 2018

If you ordered one of our incredible Limited Edition Collectible Posters designed by the amazing Matt Ryan Tobin, you should receive it shortly as all posters have been shipped! If you ordered any other merchandise from the website, those items will begin shipping this week. We have other exclusive SCREAM goodies coming which will be available for sale only at SCREAM COMES HOME!

October 6, 2018

We are sorry to report that David Arquette's schedule has changed and he is no longer able to appear at SCREAM COMES HOME due to a movie he's currently filming in New York. Here is a portion of the email from his manager: "He originally had to film later on in November for this project but his production just shifted the filming dates to later this month. Unfortunately this is the tough part of the appearance business when the talent has to cancel for filming changes. David wanted me to pass along his sincere apologizes to you guys and all the fans for having to cancel this event." David obviously can't be in two places at one time, but just know that he really really really wanted to attend! We are sure he's bummed, too. Regardless, the event is still a once-in-a-lifetime happening, and everything else is moving forward as planned. If you purchased a Photo Op with David, please look for our email blast which will give you an option for a refund or an exciting swap-out!

September 30, 2018

Last call! Sales end for Call Me, Ghost Face tonight!  Get your order in to have Ghost Face® call YOU this Halloween season!

September 28, 2018

Great news for those people who ordered the 118 Poster... the posters are printed and we have just started shipping them! If you are attending SCREAM COMES HOME, you'll pick up your poster at Stu's house, but everyone else should be receiving their posters in the mail over the next few weeks.

September 26, 2018

We are one month away from partying at Stu's!! To make the most of your visit, book your photo ops, join the message board, and make sure you have purchased your raffle tickets!

September 20, 2018

Visit our updated Special Guests page to see who else is joining the party!

September 13, 2018

Head on over to our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page... we're answering tons of questions in one place, and we'll be adding to this page as the event nears. Also, we confirmed there was a technical glitch with our Mailing List where many people didn't receive our last email. No worries, support has confirmed all is fixed. We just sent out an email about our new FAQ page so if you got it, you can be sure you'll be receiving all emails from this point forward.

September 11, 2018

We are busy behind the scenes putting everything together, and now that the event is moving closer we are getting emails from attendees... with many questions! Therefore, we will be launching a Frequently Asked Questions page by the end of the week which will provide clear answers to your questions about every aspect of the event. Also, we are announcing a few new guests shortly that we think you will find interesting!

September 3, 2018

Check out our Limited Edition Collectible Poster designed by the incredible Matt Ryan Tobin here! Only 118 are being printed so grab yours today before they're GONE.

August 21, 2018

We are busy working on every single aspect of the event, and we're so excited to be creating the ultimate SCREAM experience! Soon we will be announcing an incredible collectible poster designed by one of the industry's most sought-after artists, and when you see it we know you'll agree that's amazing!! If you are a Kickstarter backer, you already know about this poster and have been notified about it, but for those who purchased tickets after the Kickstarter campaign, you'll find out about it next week. For now, enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts, and just know we are rolling along nicely and working daily on SCREAM COMES HOME!

August 13, 2018

The winners of the Silent Auction have been contacted (congrats, everyone!). Thank you for the support and enjoy the items!

August 9, 2018

Coming to SCREAM COMES HOME? Take advantage of our new Forum!

August 8, 2018

For those people going on the Woodsboro Bus Tour:

1. The check-in point will be at one of the hotels listed on the Travel page (we are still working out which one). You will NOT be checking in at Stu's house.

2. All buses will be departing around 8 or 9am on Saturday morning, and the tour will last around 3.5 hours. You will be able to get on/off the bus at each stop, and there is a restroom on each bus, as well as free wi-fi!

3. The bus will drop you off at the same spot where you checked-in, and then you can proceed to Stu's house to check-in for the day. If you are renting a car, that means that you will drive your car from the hotel to Stu's. If you are Ubering, that's fine, too. We are still working on finding shuttles for bringing folks that haven't rented a car up the Stu's House.

We will post more info on the bus tour as we work on it!

Also, we are psyched to announce that David Arquette is joining SCREAM COMES HOME! Check out the exclusive Photo Op you can get with him on the steps of Stu's house!

August 2, 2018

Today is the late Wes Craven's birthday! Thank you, Mr. Craven, for sharing your incredible talents with us through the years, and we know in our hearts that you would have joined us at SCREAM COMES HOME if you were still alive. So many people have said that to our little team. We love and miss you, Wes!

August 1, 2018

We are hard at work planning the event, and will be making an exciting announcement by the end of the week! For now, watch Tyler Posey (from Season 3 of SCREAM: The TV Series) find out about SCREAM COMES HOME...

July 26, 2018

Watch event co-creator, Nate Ragon, talk about SCREAM COMES HOME on TMZ!

July 25, 2018

Today is the day!!! It's our last day in the Kickstarter campaign and we are literally minutes away from the cut-off time which is 11:47AM PST. We have significantly surpassed our goal and we're going to have the best event EVER! Please pledge during this last hour to make sure you get on the Woodsboro Bus Tour, and check out our AMAZING new press page!

UPDATE: 11:47am... WE DID IT!!! THANK YOU to everyone who pledged and bought tickets to help us make this event possible! If you purchased tickets either through the Kickstarter campaign or the website - at Red SCREAM level or higher - you will get to go on the Woodsboro Bus Tour. Therefore, as promised, all purchases from here on out will NOT include the bus tour. This is to reward the people who supported us when it mattered most!

July 24, 2018

We have reached our goal and we are so excited to bring you SCREAM COMES HOME this October! We will be working hard to produce an event you'll remember for a lifetime. If you are joining us, please sign up for our mailing list and be sure make your travel plans.


Also, check-out this TMZ article to see a few teaser pics of Nate's memorabilia collection, which you'll be able to experience up-close at the event!

Last but not least... E! News reported on the event, too!

July 23, 2018

Thank you to the VERY GENEROUS fans who upped their pledges to help us reach our goal! Our gratitude is immesuareable. We are almost there, folks!!

We now have 2 Silver SCREAM packages that have opened up... these are overnight stays in STU'S HOUSE!  Grab these spots while you can by pledging in our campaign!

July 20, 2018

In case you didn't hear, the SCREAM COMES HOME event IS happening with or without Kickstarter, which means we will be selling tickets directly on the website after the Kickstarter campaign ends.


HOWEVER... we DO want to reach our goal though by July 25th if possible, so today we are making the following announcement:

The ONLY way to get a ticket to the Bus Tour is to make a pledge at Red SCREAM or higher in the next 5 days!

Please note that the homeowners and other property owners are working with us on the Woodsboro Bus Tour, and the backers of the Kickstarter deserve something special for supporting us from Day 1!

July 18, 2018

Some people have asked us about the access we'll have to the locations used in the movie so this is a great time for an update on the Woodsboro Bus Tour! Most of the locations are easy to get to and see, but a handful are challenging. One of those locations is Tatum's house and today we received the good news that the homeowners of that house are giving us permission to walk on the porch and take pictures during our visit! We will provide more updates on the tour over the coming months.

July 16, 2018

Check out the 4 photo galleries we just added of the grounds! Also, the Friday Night VIP Experience pledges are moving slowly, so there is still room. What we have planned on this night is something really cool so join us if you can!

July 13, 2018

One overnight stay has just opened up! Pledge at the "Orange SCREAM" level directly in our Kickstarter campaign before it disappears!

July 11, 2018

If you weren’t able to grab a room when we first announced the event, you’re in luck because we are adding a brand new overnight VIP experience on Friday night, October 26th! This offer is limited to only a small group of people and is a completely DIFFERENT experience than the one on October 27th. Pledge at the "Friday Night VIP Experience" level directly in our Kickstarter campaign!

July 10, 2018

Are you a serious SCREAM props collector? If so, check out these SCREAM 4 production items! To purchase these one-of-a-kind items,

pledge at the "ULTIMATE SCREAM 4 PROPS PACKAGE" level directly in our Kickstarter campaign.

Also, we figured out a way to get more people staying overnight on the grounds, so we will be offering new overnight stay packages

soon! Keep watching the site for more information.

July 6, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ghost Face® gave YOU a call? Now you'll be able to find out because voiceover artist Roger Jackson - the voice of Ghost Face® in all four SCREAM films - has agreed to call fans and talk to them just like he does in the movies! Talk about the ultimate SCREAM souvenir! When you hear Ghost Face® mention your name, you'll know first-hand what Sidney goes through when she answers the phone! To purchase this one-of-a-kind experience, pledge at the "Call Me, Ghost Face®!" level directly in our Kickstarter campaign. It's also the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life!

Also, Roger will be attending SCREAM COMES HOME on October 27th to sign autographs and take pictures with fans!


July 5, 2018

We are offering two new rooms for overnight stays at the Main Party House (Stu's House)! These rooms were originally not available but due to some crafty convincing, they are now. They are premium private bedrooms on the same level as Stu's parents' bedroom that was used in the movie. To secure a room, pledge at the "Purple SCREAM" level directly in our Kickstarter campaign.

July 4, 2018

If you can't attend the event - but still want to help support SCREAM COMES HOME - you can pick up a set of 4 stadium-style cups! Use these large plastic cups with your friends during your next SCREAM series marathon and watch the movies in style. Make your pledge directly in the Kickstarter campaign.

July 1, 2018

Read more about SCREAM COMES HOME in our interview with Mike Sprague over at Dread Central!

June 30, 2018

If you are a fan of the metalcore band, ICE NINE KILLS, you have all the more reason to attend SCREAM HOMES COME because lead singer Spencer Charnas will be performing an acoustic version of "Youth of America" in the garage! The band is currently touring on the summer-long Warped Tour, but they found time to film a promo from their tour bus. The pledge levels in the Kickstarter are:

Silver SCREAM INK Experience

Silver SCREAM INK Experience (Plus)

SIlver SCREAM INK Experience (ADD-ON) - For those who have already pledged to the campaign

Also, we are thrilled to announce that ON SET CINEMA will be hosting our screening of SCREAM on October 27th. If you haven't heard of ON SET CINEMA, visit their official website to see the incredible slate of horror movies screenings they have lined up all over the country. We are stoked!

June 26, 2018

It's been two days since we've launched our Kickstarter campaign and we have already achieved 30% of our goal! Thank you so everyone supporting this event, it's going to be THE SCREAM EVENT of the century! Keep an eye on the Kickstarter campaign AND this news feed in the coming weeks because we plan on rolling out some exciting announcements!

June 25, 2018

Welcome to the official Kickstarter AND website launch! If you are planning to attend SCREAM COMES HOME, bookmark this site and check it often for updates right up to the day of the event. Our first bit of news is exclusive article announcing this once-in-a-lifetime event on Bloody Disgusting (thank you to Brad Miska and John Squires)!

Also, special thanks to Eloy Camacho for the shout out on your radio station today! Per Eloy: "I came across the article regarding Scream Comes Home on Bloody-Digusting and I nearly lost my mind. I am an avid horror fan and Scream was one of the first films that got me hooked. It also has a special place in my heart as I was born, raised, and currently live in Santa Rosa. I am an on-air personality at a radio station company in Santa Rosa. Our company is called Amaturo Sonoma Media and I work for Hot 101.7. I am also the promotions director for two of our other stations, 97.7 The River and KSRO. "

Listen to the clip below...

Hot 101.7 - Host: Eloy Camacho
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