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Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions!

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Q: What is the address to the house? 

A: The house that we are referring to as "Stu's house" is located at the below address:

Spring Hill Estate

3871 Tomales-Petaluma Road

Tomales, CA 94971

Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: This is a RAIN OR SHINE event. While we are confident that we will have nice weather, we cannot control the weather. However, we are prepared to deal with whatever the weather may bring. Everyone may bring a small umbrella with them (just in case) if they would like. 

Q: What is the minimum age for this event? 

A: 13 years old. 

Q: Is the event wheelchair accessible?

A: Partly. The exterior main grounds are wheelchair accessible, and so is the movie screening. Stu's house, unfortunately, isn't wheelchair accessible past the first floor.

Q: What is the restroom situation like?

A: If you are staying overnight, you have full use of the bathrooms in the house you're staying in. If you are coming only for the day, please use the porta potties that will be provided on the grounds.

Q: Can we cosplay as Ghost Face and other characters?

A: Absolutely! However, the event has a strict NO WEAPONS policy. No weapons of any kind! No knives, guns, bombs, tasers, mace, etc. Security will be checking any cosplay weapons. Anyone who violates this policy will be removed from the premises. 


Q: Will I be mailed a physical ticket?

A: No. If you purchased a ticket, you will have received a receipt via email for your credit card purchase. On our end, your information was added to our master spreadsheet so all you have to do is check-in on the day of the event by going to the small barn on the property and giving them your name. If you wish to bring your email receipt as a back-up, that's fine.

Q: Are there tickets at all?

A: Yes! If you purchased any photo ops, are going on the bus tour, are seeing Ice Nine Kills, viewing the SCREAM 4 Photo Gallery, or having breakfast at Stu's house on Sunday morning, you will receive physical tickets for each of those activities. Everything is handed to you all at once so that you can check-in once and then enjoy the day.

Q: I purchased tickets and add-ons in several transactions on the website, on different days. Is that OK?

A: Yes! We have a master spreadsheet with each attendee's name on it, and every purchase is simply added to the spreadsheet to keep everything consolidated in one place.

Q: Are tickets refundable? 

A: We have a strict no refunds policy for tickets to Scream Comes Home. 


Q: Where do I check-in?

If you ARE going on the bus tour: You will check-in directly at the bus at one of the hotels at 8:00am on Saturday, October 27th (we will contact all bus tour attendees in mid-October with that information, at this time it will most likely be the Good Nite Inn in Rohnert Park). After the bus tour, you will be dropped off at the same location where you checked-in, and at that time you can go up to Stu's house (via your car or Uber) where you will check-in for the event at the small barn on the property, and this will be sometime around noon. At that time, you will receive all merchandise you ordered (t-shirt, posters, stadium cups, etc).

If you ARE NOT going on the bus tour: You can check in between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday, October 27th. The only exception is if you purchased a Basic SCREAM package... check-in for the Basic SCREAM package is 7:00pm.

Q: Do I have to wear my wristband the entire time?

A: Yes. Your wristband's color matches the package you purchased, and our security guards and event staff will be relying on them to make sure the event rolls out smoothly. Do not remove your wristband!

Q: I am driving a car to the event... where do I park?

A: The grounds can handle up to 200 cars, so if you are driving then just look for the parking signs, and then proceed to check-in at the small barn on the property.

Q: Can I leave and come back if I want?

A: You may come/go as often you please. NOTE: Re-Entry requires your original wristband as well as going through security again. We are NOT responsible for lost wristbands. 


Q: Will the event be filmed?

A: Yes! The entire event will be filmed by a 4-person crew. Additionally, the band ICE NINE KILLS will also have a videographer filming elements of the VIP party and their acoustic performance in the garage.

Q: Anything else I need to know about the filming?

A: Yes! By attending, you are consenting that you are aware of the videotaping in progress and that you consent to sharing your likeness on film for use/distribution, if any, by the event producers and that you waive any claim to compensation of any kind.


Q: I am renting a hotel on Friday night, so how do I get to Stu's House to check in?

A: You have a few options. We suggest renting a car during your stay so that you can drive up to the house from your hotel. This has a few advantages: 1. You can use your car as a place to safely store items you may purchase throughout the day. 2. You can leave the grounds if you want anytime during the day. 3. When your exit the property after the screening, you will be able to drive back to your hotel. You may also call an Uber to travel to/from the hotel/house. Alternatively, you can use our message board to find other attendees who are renting cars and hitching a ride with them.

Q: Should I rent a car?

A: We think it's a great idea! See question above. If you live locally, you can obviously drive your own car to the property.

Q: Do I have to stay at the hotels listed on the website?

A: No, they are only suggestions.


Q: I bought a Yellow, Orange, Gold, Black, or Purple Scream package. In regards to the overnight stays, the website says we have access to one bed that sleeps two. Why can't we each have our own beds?

A: There is a very limited amount of beds in each of the houses on the grounds. In order to allow as many fans as possible to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we made the overnight ticket options to allow up to two people to attend per purchase. The alternative would have been to only allow less than twenty people to stay overnight. That would have made the cost for the overnight packages much higher, and also didn't make much sense considering the beds sleep two people each. 

Q: I purchased an overnight stay package. Will I have access to my room/bed all day/night?

A: No. The location is not a hotel, and the main house will be open for tours all day on Saturday up until the screening starts around 7:00pm. The Large and Small house will also be used for other event activities throughout the day. After the screening, you will have full access to your room/bed.

Q: I am staying overnight. Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: Yes, you can start drinking your own alcohol once the screening ends at 10pm. Up until that point, please purchase alcohol from the vendor on the patio.

Q: I am staying overnight in the main house. Will there be a scheduled quiet time? 

A: While we must abide by the local noise ordinance law, there will not be a quiet time. If you are staying in Stu's house, after the screening is over, you will have full access to your room/bed. If you purchased a Purple Scream package which gives you a private bedroom, you are absolutely welcome to go to your room and shut the door for the night. However, the party will go on as long as the other guests want!  Remember, this is a PARTY at Stu's house!

Q: Are the bathrooms and showers private?

A: Unlike a hotel which has a private bathroom and shower in each room, the houses on the grounds are just that... houses. Therefore, please note that the bathrooms and showers are communal.



Q: Will there be security on the grounds?

A: Yes. We will have security guards on the grounds at all times.

Q: Will there be a place to keep the merchandise we purchase? 

A: While the main part of the event is the tour of Stu's house, and there will be several indoor activities throughout the day, this is still considered an OUTDOORS event. We recommend everyone bring a backpack to the event, especially if you are not driving up to the event in your own car/rental car (which is another place to store your valuables). NOTE: Drawstring bags and large purses/packs may be checked by event security at anytime. 


Q: Is there a food policy?

A: Per our contract with the homeowners, there is a NO OUTSIDE FOOD policy on the grounds during the event. Food and drink will be available for purchase on the patio next to the large barn, and is being fully catered by one of the homeowner's restaurants. Only overnight guests will be exempt from this rule, after the screening is over. 

Q: Will vegetarian options be available?

A: Yes, vegetarian (not vegan) food will be available.

Q: Is there an alcohol policy?

A: Per the homeowners, there is a strict NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL policy at the event. There will be a cash bar at the event inside the large barn. 21+ MUST HAVE PHOTO ID TO DRINK. Only people who purchased overnight packages and are staying overnight on the grounds are exempt from the No Outside Alcohol Policy. Overnight guests may bring outside alcohol for the after screening party.

Q: What payments will be accepted at the event for food/drinks?

A: Food and drink vendors will be equipped with the ability to accept CASH and CREDIT/DEBIT cards for purchases. 


Q: How much access do I actually have to the house?

A: The main attraction of Scream Comes Home is Stu's House, so we want you to explore it and take as many photos as you wish! Be sure to spend time in the kitchen and the garage, and just enjoy being inside the movie! You can come and go inside the house as often as you like throughout the day, as much as you want. If the house is too full at any given time, the security guards will just thin out the crowd as needed. But don't worry, you will leave the event knowing you had ample time to enjoy the house.

Q: Are there any stipulations or rules while touring the main house?

A: There are two important rules mandated by the homeowner: 1. Anyone entering the house must either remove their shoes, or wear a pair of over-the-shoe booties (provided free at the event). If you remove your shoes, just put them in your backpack while you're inside the house. 2. There is also a no food or drink policy inside the main house during the day only This absolutely is a party and celebration of SCREAM! However, we are at the mercy of the homeowners. You must keep in mind that this is someone's house. The homeowner actually lives there! We must be respectful of their wishes and policies. Without agreeing to follow these polices, Scream Comes Home would have never happened



Q: What else is going on during the day on Saturday?

A: You will be provided with a full schedule of activities on the day of the event. We promise a day of SCREAM fun!

Q: What type of merchandise will be available at the event?

A: We will have a merch table with t-shirts, cups, bags, posters, and other surprises. Official Scream Comes Home merch is still in the works. ICE NINE KILLS will also have a merchandise table, as well as their clothing label, "Kleaver Klothing". 


Q: I purchased a Basic/Green/Blue/Red Scream package, and it states that I must leave the grounds by 10:00PM. Why? 

A: Per our agreement with the homeowners and our following of the local sound ordinance, anyone not spending the night on the property must leave before the ordinance starts. We must comply with local laws and respect the neighbors in the area. 


Q: I bought a "Stay Later & Party at Stu's" add-on... do I have to leave at 10pm, too?

A: No! If you purchased the stay later add-on, you will be provided with an additional wristband (it has "Party Time" printed on it) which you must wear with your other wristband, and your exit time will be midnight. NOTE: The stay later add-on is limited in quantity. We just thought that some people would want to stay a little longer to party in the house after the movie! If you want to stay later click here to order your tickets (after you click, scroll down to the Add-Ons section).



Q: I am searching everywhere on this website to buy a ticket to the bus tour but can't find a way to make a purchase... what gives?

A: We made the bus tour available only to the generous people who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign, and this was our way of saying "thank you for supporting us when it mattered most!"

Q: What are all of the filming locations that we will be visiting?

A: We have confirmation on Tatum's House, The Grocery Store, The Video Store, Woodsboro High School, Woodsboro Police Station, Woodsboro Town Square, and the venue where the movie's wrap party was held. The homeowners of Sidney's house do not wish to participate, and currently we are working on securing Casey's house,

Q: Will I get a physical ticket to the bus tour?

A: Yes. You will be provided with a souvenir Woodsboro Bus Tour ticket when you check-in.

Q: Where do I check-in for the bus tour?

A: Check-in time is 7:45am on Saturday, October 27th at a Taco Bell parking lot which is right next to the Good Nite Inn in Rohnert Park (see their address on our travel page). After the bus tour, you will be dropped off at the same location where you checked-in, and at that time you can go up to Stu's house (via your car or Uber) where you will check-in for the event at the small barn on the property, and this will be sometime around noon. At that time, you will receive all merchandise you ordered (t-shirt, posters, stadium cups, etc).

Q: What times do the buses run?

A: Check-in time for the bus tour is is 7:45am on Saturday, October 27th and the actual tour will begin at 8:00am. There will be a 15-minute gap between each bus to keep attendance at any one location to a minimum.

Q: How will I know which bus to get on?

A: When you check-in, you will be told which bus to get on.

Q: What will be happening on the bus during the tour?

A: There will be varying times between the stops, so just sit back and relax until the bus stops at the next Woodsboro location!

Q: Will we be able to get off the bus?

A: Yes! The bus will stop at each location so that you can get out and take pictures. For example, you will be able to walk though the High School, as well as take pictures on Tatum's porch! To keep the tour moving, please don't spend more than 15 minutes at each location!

Q: How long does the bus tour last?

A: We're not going to lie, the tour is long! It will run about 3.5 hours, and this includes the time it takes to get out and tour the locations. So even though it's a long tour, you will be visiting exciting filming locations and getting on and off the bus. Trust us, you're going to love touring Woodsboro!

Q: Can I bring food on the bus tour?

A: You sure can! We recommend bringing a backpack to hold food and beverage during the tour.

Q: What kind of bus is it?

A: The buses are charter buses with comfy seats, air conditioning, as well as a bathroom.


Q: What is the Friday Night VIP Experience?

A: It's a smaller, more exclusive experience in Stu's House, with far less people in attendance (less than 50) compared to Saturday. You will be able to spend quality time in the house with less people there, and it will be a much more relaxed evening. You can mingle with the event producers, the band ICE NINE KILLS will be there, you can watch movies on the VCR, hang out in the kitchen and garage, and just kick back in Stu's house! We only have a few spots left, so get tickets here.

Q: What does my VIP ticket purchase get me?

A: A ticket purchase to the VIP Party gets two people into the event, and it gets you an overnight stay in either the small house or large house on the grounds (we will assign you to a room). All the rooms are private. When you arrive to check-in, just go to your room to settle in and then walk up the path to Stu's House to join the party!

Q: Where do I check-in?

A: Simply drive up to Stu's house at 5pm and we will be waiting for you! You won't need to wear a wristband on Friday night. You can park on the grounds if you have a rental car.

Q: What time does it start and end?

A: The VIP party runs from 5pm to 1am. After the party, just walk back to your room to get some shut-eye, or keep the party going in your house! The reason we must have a cut off time is because the event producers and other talent are staying the night in Stu's house and need to have a decent night's sleep for the big event the next day! However, you can still party ALL NIGHT in your respective house on the grounds after the main house cut-off time.

Q: Tell me about the swag bag!

A: All Friday Night VIP attendees will receive an exclusive and exciting swag bag with items that have been curated to throughly impress any SCREAM fan!

Q: Will food and beverage be provided?

A: Yes! Part of the VIP experience is a big pizza party, with wine, beer and soda as beverages, all included with your purchase.

Q: Anything else happening at Stu's house during the VIP party?

A: Yes!! But it's a secret! (Shhh!!!)

Q: What time is check-out on Saturday morning?

A: All of the rooms are being rented by new attendees on Saturday, and therefore we have a cleaning crew coming in to replace all the bed sheets and clean up. In order to keep things on schedule, just make sure you exit the room by 8:00am latest.

Q: I am staying overnight for the VIP Experience, however, I am also going on the bus tour on Saturday. How do I get to the check-in point from Stu's house if I don't have a car?

A: Uber is an option, as well as potentially riding with others that are coming to the VIP. Also, if the organizers have space in their cars, they can take you, too.

Q: I am staying overnight for the VIP Experience, however, I am not going on the bus tour. I do, however, have Saturday tickets. What do I do on Saturday morning?

A: All of the rooms are being rented by new people on Saturday, and therefore we have a cleaning crew coming in to replace all the bed sheets and clean up. In order to keep things on schedule, just make sure you exit the room by 8:00am latest. After you check-out, you can either hang out on the grounds until check-in on Saturday which starts at 10:00am (you must check-in again if you have Saturday tickets). If you have your own car, you are free to leave and come back if you'd like as well.


Q: Will the special guests be charging for autographs and selfies?

A: Yes. The cost of autographs and photos with the talent at the event is at the sole discretion of the talent.

Q: Can I bring items for talent to sign?

A: Yes, bring whatever you want! And remember that the cost of autographs and photos with the talent at the event is at the sole discretion of the talent.

Q: I see that ICE NINE KILLS is performing a song in the garage... tell me more!

A: ICE NINE KILLS is an incredible metalcore band, and the lead singer - Spencer Charnas - also happens to be a huge horror movie fan, and he loves the SCREAM franchise. The band loves horror so much that their latest CD which is being released in early October ("The Silver Scream") is a huge tribute to horror movies. If you aren't familiar with the band's fantastic songs and stage presence, do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube. We can't wait for them to perform their acoustic version of "Youth of America" in the actual garage where Tatum confronts Ghost Face! Buy "The Silver Scream" here!

Q: I purchased a ticket or level that gets me into the ICE NINE KILLS performance. How will that work?

A: When you check-in, you will receive a ticket for the ICE NINE KILLS show, which is taking place in the garage at Stu's house. Just present that ticket when you arrive for the show and you'll be all set. And yes, Spencer will take photos with fans!


Q: How do the photo ops work?

A: There will be a scheduled time to do the photo ops, so just look at the event schedule that you will receive on the day of the event for that info. When you check-in to the event, you will be given tickets for any photo ops you purchased, so just make sure your present your ticket when you arrive to do the photo, and the person coordinating will punch a hole in your ticket to show that it has been used. If you haven't purchased your photo ops, you can do so now!


Q: How much access will I have to the props/memorabilia display?

A: The display will be a scheduled part of the day, and will only be open for a specific amount of time. The items in this display are extremely rare and valuable, and therefore will be treated like a museum. Do not touch any of the items on display. This area will be protected by surveillance as well as security guards. You are free to take as many photos as you like of the items! The collectors - Nate Ragon and Anthony Torres - will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and may be willing to give you a closer look!

Q: What if I want to buy an item on display?

A: Items being displayed are generally not for sale, however, there is nothing stopping you from making an offer to collectors Nate or Anthony!


Q: Tell me about the raffle?

A: We will be scheduling into the event a few times throughout the day when we'll be raffling off exciting SCREAM series merchandise (rare lobby cards, enamel pins, clothing, exciting one-of-a-kind items, etc.) to those who have tickets.

Q: How do I get raffle tickets?

A: You MUST have raffle tickets to participate in the raffle! Get them here (scroll down to the Add-Ons section).


Q: What time does the SCREAM movie screening start?

A: The screening will take place outside next to the house, and it will start at 8pm. There will be a Q&A with special guests before the screening at 7:30pm.

Q: Will there be chairs on the lawn?

A: No, you should consider bringing a blanket to sit on to watch the movie. We are modeling our lawn screening after the screenings done in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where people get comfy in a picnic-style setting. Feel free to buy some food and drinks from the on-site vendors and settle in for a screening of SCREAM right next to Stu's house!

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: In case of rain, the screening will take place in the large barn next to the house. In this case, we will provide chairs.


Q: Should I join the mailing list?

A: Yes! You MUST join to stay updated! Click here and sign up now if you haven't done so already.

Q: I heard there was a glitch on the website. Have I been receiving all notifications from the mailing list?

A: Yes, we had a glitch with a few notifications that went out through the mailing list, but all technical issues have now been resolved.

"I still have a question!"

  Great! Send it to us here!​