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Decision Time!

As you know, David Arquette will no longer be appearing at SCREAM COMES HOME

due to professional reasons (things happen!), and since you purchased a photo op

with him, we'd like to know if you would like a refund, or if you would like to

exchange that amount for something else.

Please select from the below options!





Select this option to replace your $99 photo op purchase with a phone call from Ghost Face®, which is valued at $125.


Call Me, Ghost Face®!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ghost Face® called YOU? Now you'll be able to find out because voiceover artist Roger Jackson - the voice of Ghost Face® in all four SCREAM films - has agreed to call fans and talk to them just like he does in the movies! Talk about the ultimate SCREAM souvenir! When you hear Ghost Face® mention your name, you'll know first-hand what Sidney goes through when she answers the phone!

Please note the following: When you place your order please be sure to include the phone number you want to use, and this includes any country codes if you are outside the USA (enter the entire number exactly as it is to be dialed). By purchasing, you agree to be harassed via phone by Roger Jackson for purposes of entertainment only, which may or may not include profanity and/or threatening language. The phone call will be made completely at Roger's leisure anytime during the month of October, day or night, without advance notice. Day/time of call cannot be requested or reserved. The call will be made to your number only once: if it goes to voicemail then you will receive a voicemail from Ghost Face; if you answer then you will have a live, brief discussion with Ghost Face. The length of the phone call will be up to Roger's sole discretion.



Select this option to replace your $99 photo op purchase with a Swag Pack!


Shh!! Don't tell anyone about this newspaper... you only know about it since we are including in this offer since David canceled! An extremely limited quantity of these papers were printed, and we were going to sell them exclusively at the event. But, here is your chance to grab it now before anyone else finds out about it! This is a conceptual newspaper written as though it was published the day after Sidney's attack, with articles written about Casey's and Stephen's murders as well. Filled with fun articles, ads, photos, a crossword puzzle, and other SCREAM goodies, this is the ultimate Woodsboro souvenir.

Limited Edition Ghost Face® Mask

Fun World provided 55 collectible masks exclusively for SCREAM COMES COME. Each one has been tagged, stamped and numbered, and comes in a collectible red box with label, and we are selling them at the event. This is your chance to grab one in this private announcement.

STILL SCREAMING Documentary Bonus Features

This 2-DVD set sold out earlier this year, and since there was such a high demand for it we decided to run a new batch to sell at the event. It has 4 hours of content including extended interviews with cast and crew, deleted scenes, TV spots, merchandise and screen-used prop tours, commentaries, and lots of other SCREAM goodies!

To select this option, complete the form below and click SEND.

We will then prepare the pack for you to pick up in person at SCREAM COMES HOME!



Select this option to replace your $99 photo op purchase with a refund.

To select this option, complete the form below and click SEND.

Your refund for $99 will be processed within a few days.