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We reached our Kickstarter goal on July 25, 2018!

Here is our original Kickstarter video...

How It Began...

Nate Ragon is a movie memorabilia collector and a huge SCREAM fan, and Anthony Masi is a horror movie producer and event planner.


They met in 2010 when Anthony was producing "STILL SCREAMING: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective," a feature-length documentary about the making of the first three SCREAM films.

Eight years later on one random night, Nate texted Anthony and asked, "Do you think it's really possible to party at Stu's house?"


Sharing a lifelong love for the horror genre, they joined forces to create a unique and unforgettable event for fellow fans of the SCREAM series. The vision? A re-enactment of the party from the last act of the movie... minus the killings, of course!

In the movie, Stu (played by Matthew Lillard) is hosting a giant party when the killer shows up, and things get really bloody really fast.


At our event, however, we'll just keep partying and hope Ghost Face doesn't make an appearance!

See the Organizers page to read more about the team running the event.

We Are Experienced...

Anthony created and successfully produced the HALLOWEEN 25th ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION to celebrate the famed HALLOWEEN "Michael Myers" movies, and knows all the ins/outs of planning a live event for hundreds of people. Anthony is also a film producer and is used to handling budgets and schedules.

Nate is a life-long SCREAM fan and probably the most well-known expert on the famous horror franchise in the world today. His contribution of footage from his extensive SCREAM movie memorabilia collection was a huge asset to the STILL SCREAMING documentary.

Anthony and Nate also have a wonderful working relationship with R.J. Torbert, who is literally the force behind Ghost Face® because his company, Fun World, is responsible for Ghost Face's® licensing. When we told him about our plans for a SCREAM party, he thought the idea was inspired, and immediately gave us his blessing. We knew we were onto something great when R.J. hopped on board! If you've met R.J., you know how much he appreciates the fans of the SCREAM series. He is one of us, a fan! So much so, that he wrote two novels inspired by the SCREAM series!

How We Put Things In Motion...

We arranged a trip up to Santa Rosa to talk about our idea with the owners of this huge and beautiful Victorian house, and they provided an exclusive tour of the Tomales property and allowed us to snap a ton of photos.

To be "inside the movie" was an incredible and indescribable feeling to say the least, and our goal with SCREAM COMES HOME is to share that amazing feeling with as many SCREAM fans as possible.


Have a look at a few of the pictures of what the house looks like today, compared to scenes in the movie...

We Realized the Urgency of Renting the House...

We were told by the homeowners that the house is normally rented for weddings, and that us organizing a SCREAM-related event was very exciting to them. However, they then dropped a bomb...  they told us the house is being pulled from the market within the next year so that the owners can live in it permanently.

Learning the urgency of the situation, we decided to seize the moment and move forward quickly.

We Then Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign...

Although we knew there would be interest in an event like this, there wasn't a way to realistically determine how successful it would be.

The solution was to launch a crowdfunding campaign (via Kickstarter) to measure actual interest in the event by posting video explaining our plan for this amazing weekend, and to then just sit back and see what happens in a 30-day timeframe.


We broke down every aspect of the event and contacted vendors to get quotes... everything from renting the house, to licensing the rights for the movie screening, to wristbands for the event attendees, and everything in between. What we discovered was that it was going to cost $50,000.00 to fund the full event that we had planned.

We launched our Kickstarter and nervously awaited the results... 30 days later we were pleased to see that we had enough support to produce the event!!